Some students worry a bit when hearing words such as ‘language elements’, ‘phonology’, etc. We felt the same when we were in your position. However, pretty swiftly we realised that much of the language study is just common sense and is not particularly difficult to grasp.

Knowing, understanding and being able to apply and explain key language elements is a great skill, just like reading and writing. Being well-skilled in language elements makes a teacher’s role much, much easier.

Take it easy as you go through this module; there’s a lot to be covered. If there’s anything that stops you in your tracks, there are several ways you can get back on track.

1. Get yourself a good grammar book, for example, Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrott. A new grammar printed book can be expensive, so you can always try to get one second hand.

2. Explore good grammar sites, for example:

The British Council


3. Seek help from friends, or friends of friends, or family.

4. Contact us.

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