Terms and Conditions – Including Refund Policies

Customer Service Policy

We will provide the client with a high quality online courses in the education field.

Students will be provided with tutors that have experience in the course related field.

If students require assistance we aim to get back to them within 24 hours (course related or other enquiries)

We are very clear and transparent with any of our courses and we will fulfil our obligations as stated on the courses clients are booked onto.

We will follow the accreditation body (ACCREDITATS) accreditation and moderation processes as stipulated in agreement to our course being accredited.

We reserve the rights to make minor changes to the course (such as adding new video content)/ We will notify students by email if we do this.

Customer Complaints and Refund Policy

In the case students aren’t happy with their final result, students are allowed to appeal.

  • Students have a 48 hours time limit from receiving their grade online to submit an appeal by email. We will send a confirmation email in response to this.
  • The appeal must state clearly why the student is appealing.
  •  Once receiving the appeal we will need 5 working days to assess the appeal. The result after appeal is Final.

Making Changes To Your Online Course

If a request to cancel your course is made:

  • You must inform us by email within two weeks (14 days) of booking the course. If you didn’t start the course. Then you are entitled to a refund. We will apply an admin cost at this point to cover transaction fee’s and our work. The admin fee is £20. We will refund you the amount you paid minus £20 admin fee.
  • In the case of you starting the course and using our course content. Once you have began the course you have reserved the right to cancel the course and get a refund.
  • You have 6 months to complete the course from the day that you begin.
  • If you haven’t completed the course within 6 months then we will allow you one month extension to complete the course.
  • After the one month extension, if you still haven’t completed the course, we will offer a 5 month extension with a fee of £50.
  • If you still haven’t completed the course, this will result in a fail with no certificate issued.
  • If you are sick and cannot complete the course in the relevant time frame then we can extend the course for you. But you must supply relevant evidence to us – a sick note from your doctor would suffice.
  • If can’t complete the course in the time frame for any other reason. Then please contact us. Refunds will not be given in this instance.

Issuing Refunds

  • Student will be notified within 24 hours that their refund will be going through. We cannot make a promise on the arrival time of refund in the receivers account. The duration it takes will be down to the banks policies.
  • Both parties TEFLZone and the students will work together to resolve these issues.

Non – Native Students English Level

  • If you cannot complete the course because of the level of your English – we reserve the right to fail you and you are not entitled to a refund.
  • We recommend your English to be of a good standard. You can do tests such as the IELTS (score 6.5 or more) or CEFR with level C.


  • We do not accept any form of plagiarism – copying print or writing answers from other forms of material and using them in any written part of the course.
  • We perform regular checks on students answers.
  • If you are found to be plagiarizing you will be given one formal written warning and you will have a chance to rectify this.
  • If you continue to copy others work after one written warning you will fail the course with no refund issued.

Course Materials

  • We will supply you with a 120 hour online course. This will take place on our LMS (Learning Management System).
  • The course will have soft versions of the course content for you to learn from.
  • Students are not permitted to copy this course in any form – part or whole.
  • Students are not permitted to use our videos without our prior consent.
  • We do not supply pens, paper, notebooks, course books or any form of stationary for our course. Students must get these themselves.


  • We will issue students certificates on a standard delivery to anywhere in the UK. Please allow 7 days.
  • If you require your certificate urgently we can send it by express delivery. Students must pay £10 for this service. Please contact us at:
  • We do not issue certificates to students that fail the course.

Failing The Course

  • If you fail the course, which is highly unlikely. Our tutor will reach out to you and discuss the reasons for this. We may ask for you to do some more written work to rectify this, through written essay form.
  • Students will not be entitled to a refund for failing the course.

Learning Management System Errors

  • If the LMS suddenly stops working for a short period of time – up to 48 hours. We will have measures in place to make sure that it won’t affect the students learning.
  • If after ten days students still cannot access the course due to LMS problems we will offer a partial refund (less the transaction fees).

TEFL Reimbursement

If you take up a full time ESL Position within our sister company Shenzhen Seadragon Education Company LTD. Then we will offer you a refund.

The refund will be the total cost of the course minus stripe transaction fees and digital tax. This is approximately 35 usd if you paid 180 usd for the course.

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