TEFL Jobs in Spain

TEFL Jobs in Spain

Introduction TEFL Jobs in Spain

Spain has long been an destination of choice for nomadic teachers across the globe. For British teachers it could be a great choice – choosing TEFL Jobs in Spain – to start a ESL/TEFL teaching career.

Let’s face it, it’s very close to the UK and you could do a year in Spain teaching English just to see if you like it, and if you don’t you can easily go home again.

It’s better than arriving in Asia and then deciding you don’t like the job after a couple of months – at that moment you would be half way across the world. With no going back – or at least until your contract is over. So at
TEFL Zone we believe a great TEFL Job would be in Spain – just to get you started.

When it comes to finding TEFL Jobs in Spain, there is a lot of choice – from working in public schools to TEFL programs that are in home-stays. If that is something that interests you then checkout Greenheart travel.

If you are still interested in finding out more about TEFL Jobs in Spain then please read on. Below we have outlined TEFL Jobs Salaries and Benefits, Teaching in Schools, Teaching Positions in Schools and Costs of living in different cities and towns among Espania.

Follow your dreams.

Under Spanish law a language assistant (TEFL teacher) must be accompanied by a Spanish teachers in all of their classes. This is why the job positions are usually labelled as language assistants and not TEFL/ESL Teachers.

TEFL Spain - Salaries and Benefits - Average

Salary / Benefits

15/16 teaching hours per week in 4 weekdays
•Placement and monthly stipend (€1,000 in Madrid and €875 in Murcia)
•Certificate of completion at the end of the program (issued by the school)
• Pre-departure assistance and ongoing support while in Spain
• Induction Meeting in the assigned region: orientation, teaching workshops, and meeting with other participants
• Health coverage as well as medical assistance guidance if needed

TEFL Jobs in Spain - Teach in Spain Locations

Spain Government Program Salaries

English teachers have several different Spanish Government-sponsored or approved programs to consider applying to. These programs place teachers into part-time, language assistant roles, so oftentimes English teachers supplement their work schedule and income by teaching English online as well. 

a. Auxiliares de Conversación / Nalcap - Teacher Placement Company

The Auxiliares de Conversación programs are designed specifically for prospective Auxiliares de Conversación, who are looking for teaching placements in Spanish public schools. Native English speakers have the opportunity to gain valuable experience whilst living in Spain and teaching at one of the 300 schools that participate in the programs. This TEFL Jobs language assistant program places teachers in public schools all over Spain and is the most popular of all the Spain Government Programs.

These programs will provide participants with support moving to Spain, health coverage, initial training, and advice. The conditions and requirements, as well as the monthly stipend, will vary depending on the region.

English teachers on this program can expect to make 700€ – 1,000€ ($800 – $1,150 USD) per month depending on what region they are placed in. There is no application fee associated with this program.

Pros of TEFL Job with Auxiliares de Conversación

  1. The students at school are lively.
  2. Teachers were amazing and really supportive
  3. working with the kids one-on-one in our own language assistant room. 
  4. School is only a 30-minute bus ride from your apartment in Madrid
  5. Finished teaching  early that you can be home before Spanish lunchtime (2-3 pm)
  6. Freedom when creating lessons for holidays and grammar
  7. Salaries are paid on time

How To Apply For This TEFL Position LA

To apply for this TEFL Job in Spain position follow the outline below and please remember applications begin in February to April of every year. Teaching in Spain is a dream for a lot of people – young and old. You should try it out – officially apply here on their website.

  • A scanned, signed and dated electronic copy of the provided checklist
  • A copy of the main page of your US or Canadian passport(must be valid for travel)
  • A statement of purpose between 249 – 301 words written in English – you must explain that you are a native-like speaker in your statement
  • A letter of recommendation written in English or Spanish from a former lecturer or employer (up to 300 words). 
  • If you also have an EU passport, you’ll need to include a certificate of health and a clean police background check

 The only drawback for this position is that it is for North American speakers only. Hence the acronym North American Language and Culture Assistants Program NALCAP

b. Meddeas Language Program TEFL Job

This is a language assistant program that places teachers in schools all over Spain. English teachers on this program can expect to make 332€ – 932€ ($380 – $1,070 USD) per month, depending on their qualifications and whether housing will be provided to them via a host family. There is no application fee associated with this program.

Here is a breakdown of the different teaching programs offered:

  1. Advanced Program: for candidates who hold a degree in Education or a degree in English Language or any degree + a TEFL certificate (perfect for most ITA alumni!)
  • Teach up to 15 students
  • Monthly stipend of €932 OR accommodation with host family + €482.
  1. Graduate Program: for candidates who hold any degree
  • Teach up to 8 students
  • Monthly stipend of €882 OR accommodation wit host family + €432.
  1. Speakers Program: for candidates who hold anybachelors degree / university students / gap years
  • Teach up to 3 students
  • Monthly stipend of €860 OR  accommodation with host family + €332.

Meddeas Language Program Review

”I’ve had the time of my life in the two years I have had as a Language Assistant with Meddeas. I’ve lived in two different cities, Pamplona and Madrid, and had a really great experience in both for different reasons. This has allowed me to experience so much of Spain which has opened my eyes to just how varied the Spanish culture can be from region to region.”

TEFL Jobs Spain, Teach in Spain, Teach English in Spain

The team are very responsive when you have an issue, and you will never be alone. You’re always a tap away from contacting other language assistants on the facebook page. Both in your city and other parts of Spain whether you’re looking for a travel buddy, some friendly advice, teaching ideas and more.

”Meddeas is a great programme for everyone who is looking to broaden their horizons, get a foot in the language teaching door, learn many new things and experience the wonder of Spain at it’s finest. I would 100% recommend.”- Review Rebbecca Mcmullin 

Pros and Cons From Glassdoor


28 Feb 2022 – English Language Assistant 

Pros – Live abroad, quick communication/response time with the company and student

Cons – Intense work hours and they need to give the student more transparency about what their work experience will truly be like once they get to Spain. The responsibilities and expectations that Meddeas provides the student are too vague in my personal opinion

Advice to Management – Allow students to speak with the school they will be working at before they have to make a decision, so that way both parties have realistic expectations and full transparency

c. Bilingual Education Development and Assessment (BEDA) - Language Assistant

This is a language assistant TEFL Teaching program that places teachers mostly in Madrid in Catholic schools, but there are also opportunities to be placed in other cities within Spain.

English teachers on this program can expect to make 873€ – 1165€ ($1,010 – $1,350 USD) per month. There is a 175€ ($200 USD) application fee associated with this program – just remember not all companies require an enrollment fee.

To apply as a BEDA TEFL Language Assistant you need to be over 20 years old and have completed university at Bachelors level. Finally BEDA state that you be an native English speaker to teach TEFL with them. And as for your visa, you´ll also need to provide a clean background check (provide the criminal background check and bill of health – provide health check and medical record).

TEFL Application Process

Teaching English As A Foregin Language via BEDA is a fairly simple process.

  1. You fill out the application online – you will be contacted for a Skype interview. To get to this stage you must have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree, and they prefer native English speakers, though this is not obligatory. Teaching experience is also preferable, but again, not necessary. The interview is quite short and casual.
TEFL Jobs, Jobs in Spain

          2. After you’re accepted, you pay the enrollment fee and get all the documents for your visa.

          3. Apply for a long term student visa y- not a working visa.

          4. Arrive in Spain and find an apartment. Unfortunately BEDA won’t assist you in this but there is a plethora of agents available to help you. Arrive a few weeks early so you can find a place. Apartments are inexpensive in Spain.

d. Unión de Cooperativas de Enseñanza de Trabajo Asociado de Madrid

UCETAM is the acronym for Unión Cooperativa de Enseñanza de Trabajo Asociado de Madrid

This is a language assistant program that places teachers in schools all over MadridWarning You may be placed at a school as far as one hour outside of Madrid in the Comunidad and depending on where you decide to live, it may be quite the commute.

. Participants of this program can expect to make 900€ ($1,040 USD) per month for 18 hours a week, 1300€ ($1,500 USD) per month for 26 hours a week. There is a 150€ ($170 USD) application fee associated with this program that is returned at the end of the contract period.

The UCETAM program offers 18 or 26 hour English Language Assistant (English Teaching Positions/TEFL) positions at UCETAM-affiliated schools located within the Community of Madrid. As part of your work one hour per week will be dedicated to ESL lesson planning and research.

The UCETAM English Language Assistant program provides:

  • health insurance  
  • free lunch at schools if this service is available.
  • You also get paid on time every month so you never have to worry if your paycheck will be arriving months late like with the Ministry program.
  • For first-timers to the program, UCETAM will supply documents you can use to apply for your visa before leaving Spain
  • UCETAM provides the proper documentation to those who need to apply for their Visa or renew their NIE as well as help in soliciting the NIE (first-time applicants only) upon arrival to Spain.
TEFL Visa Spain, Jobs in Spain

Apply online –  You should apply yearly at the end of January. The application process usually runs through to the end of March of each year.

TEFL Job Requirement:

Hold A Bachelors Degree in any subject.

Be a native English speaker.

Hold a valid background check.

e. UP International Education - TEFL Language Program

This is a language assistant program that places teachers in infant, primary, and secondary schools all over the Madrid suburbs. English teachers on this program can expect to make 901 – 1300€ ($970 USD) per month. There is no application fee associated with this program just a deposit.

Bilingual charter schools in the Community of Madrid. Most placements are in preschools and not located directly in the city. You may end up teaching elementary school in a suburb of Madrid

18-26 teaching hours per week, including one hour per week for lesson prep. Plan your own lessons design Power-Points for Science classes, games for grammar review.

Apply online –  You should apply yearly at the end of January. The application process usually runs through to the end of March of each year.

TEFL Job Requirement

Hold A Bachelors Degree in any subject.

Be a native English speaker.

Hold a valid background check.

Teach English, TEFL Jobs, TEFL Spain, TEFL Infants School

f. TEFL Job - Conversa Spain

Conversa spain is a language assistant program that places TEFL Teachers in public schools mainly in Madrid, Murciam and La Mancha. The downside to this program is that they charge a pretty hefty program fee to join them as a Language assistant. Over 300 public schools take part in this program. And stipends vary between 700 to 1000 per month. Depending on how many hours you teach and on the location of the public school.

Oct 28, 2020

Working with conversa has given me the opportunity to be independent abroad, working in a country that speaks a foreign language. The weather, the food and the teaching have given me so many experiences and a new way to move forward in life expanding my possibilities and opportunities as I have especially, always wanted to live far away in a different culture. Spain is my favourite country as I love the same sports and festivities as locals and teaching, living in the center of a southern Spanish city with the guidance of conversa has been a great platform for me in my life.

Highlights of ConversaSpain include:

  • Placements managed by the Comunidad de Madrid (regional Education Authority)
  • Schools placed anywhere in the Community of Madrid
  • 16 teaching hoursper week (4 consecutive days a week)
  • Allowance: €1,000/month
  • Health coverage included: private insurance (non-EU participants) or EHIC coverage (EU participants)
  • Language Assistantsare required to hold a +3 bachelors degree
TEFL Jobs Spain, TEFL Middle School, TEFL Spain

Program Options and Fees 

Madrid US$1,650

Murcia US$1,395

La Mancha US$1,195

g. Fulbright - TEFL Langugae Assistant Program

This is a teaching assistant program that places teachers in schools all over Spain from Junior School to High School. Salaries for the Fulbright program vary depending on which award is granted but will cover airfare, insurance, and estimated living expenses. There is no application fee associated with this program. This program is only for U.S candidates and it’s not the best of programs that are available in Spain. There are more flexible companies out there. You must apply for this program between March 31st and October 12th in 2022. Your stipend is awarded to you as a salary – they will choose which grant that you will receive.

Review Below From Glassdoor.com

Intercultural exchange

21 Jul 2016 – English Teaching Assistant in Madrid

Pros – Having the ability to connect with global leaders in various industries Travelling, getting to know a new country, all the while getting paid to do so Loan deferment for those who need it Become familiar with a different cultural background, even among different backgrounds of the United States

Cons – Travelling abroad comes with its usual culture shock, periods of depression, and doubt. It is easy for some to get over this, harder for others, and some people just refuse to adapt to cultural differences. This grant attracts brilliant minds, but you may have to work with pretentious/entitled co-grantees. Ego tended to be a present problem during my year.

Advice to Management – In my country, the screening process did not include an interview beyond the interview that was conducted by my undergrad institution. Because of this, there could be/have been some grantees that look good on paper, but are not so pleasant in person.

h. TEFL Jobs Public School - RVF International

RVF International cooperates with public schools, primary, middle and high schools  across Spain that are looking for native English speakers from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, to teach English as a foreign language. Again this is a down-side – only recruiting from the 4 countries doesn’t make them stand out against their competition. If only they opened their doors for other countries – the quality of the teaching would get better.

Benefits of RVF TEFL Program

  • visa support,
  • support moving to Spain,
  • support with residency status in Spain,
  • Spanish language courses  
  • cultural immersion opportunities
  • and complete support throughout the duration of your time teaching in Spain.
  • Monthly stipend between €700EUR to €1000EUR depending on the region (don’t worry, you will earn a very competitive Spanish salary and won’t be paying taxes on anything you earn!).
  • Free private health insurance guaranteed by regional government where you’ll be teaching.
TEFL Jobs in Spain, TEFL Spain, 120 Hour TEFL

TEFL Program Requirements

  • Must hold a passport from one of the following countries:
  • S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand
  • Must hold at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree
  • Please note that those applying from Australia and New Zealand must hold, or must obtain before the program begins, a Bachelor’s Degree in order to be eligible to apply.
  • Must have an adventurous and independent spirit up for the experience of a lifetime.
  • No prior teaching experience is required!

Review RVF International From Gooverseas.com

 Nicolas – Canada – 10 / 10

Feb 22, 2022

It’s been an excellent program. RVF has made sure to guide me through the process of getting all my documents ready for Spain, and then renewing all documents the following year.

They have been available for next of day throughout the process of moving to Spain as well. Overall, if youre going to Spain, Id recommend RVF. They have events throughout the year, a social group, social events as well. The people working here are also quite polite in correspondence.

They’ll get you to Spain, with time to spare, and ensure that you are well taken care of, whether its through private accommodation, or a shared room.

They also have a basic course in Spanish,

in addition to this they’ll give you information on the local culture, so its not so much of a culture shock.

Teach English in Spain Homestay

Greenheart Travel’s Teach in a Homestay program in Spain offers you the opportunity to tutor your Spanish host family in conversational English for 15 hours a week.

This a unique TEFL Volunteering program. The program dates for this are on-going and twice monthly – first and third Wednesday of every month. The downside to this volunteer program is that you can’t apply if you are 30 years or older. While we agree this is unfair – those are the rules.

You must submit your volunteer TEFL job application 8 weeks prior to the day you want to begin work. The good news is that you don’t need to be a graduate to take part in this English program. It’s advisable not to apply in the summer as most host families are away on holiday.

The downside to this is that their are program costs which are as follows:

  • 1 month– $1,710  
  • 2 months– $1,890 
  • 3 months– $2,130

Eligibility No previous teaching experience or certification is required. We are looking for participants who are open-minded and flexible, as well as meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 18-30 years old
  • Be a native English speaker (other languages depend on specific demand)
  • Must be a high school graduate – college students and graduates preferred
  • Must have the ability to prepare a private tutoring lesson plan
  • Be a citizen of the EU, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or Canada
  • Be in good mental and physical health
  • Have received the COVID-19 vaccine
TEFL Volunteer Spain

This program is ideal if: 

  • You’re ready to make meaningful connections with a local family and have a mutual language and cultural exchange
  • You want to experience living abroad but have limited time (1 month minimum stays are perfect for career breaks, summer vacation, or whenever you can head to Spain)
  • The city life is calling your name – most placements are in Madrid
  • You’re ready to speak Spanish like a local 
  • You find yourself constantly googling tapas and churros and imagine yourself sipping cafe con lechein a plaza

Program details:

  • Volunteer tutoring position with a local host family
  • 15 hours per week teaching experience (the rest of the time is yours!)
  • Accommodation with volunteer Spanish host family
  • 1, 2 or 3 month placements
  • Rolling start dates available throughout the year

Do you need a 120 Hour Online TEFL to teach English in Spain

It’s advisable that you take an online tefl course to begin your Teaching career in Spain. The TEFL course will prove useful when applying for a teaching English position after you have taught in Spain. A TEFL certificate doesn’t have a time limit – so you can use it for life. Whether you choose to move on and teach in China or explore Thailand’s beautiful landscapes – it’s always benifical for you to have on hand. Besides that – an online TEFL really doesn’t take long to study. You can read more about TEFL Zone’s 120 Hour TEFL Course.

Expenses for Teaching English in Spain

There are two categories of expenses that need to be taken into consideration for those looking to teach English in Spain:

  1. Start-up costs
  2. Cost of living 

Let’s explore each of the two in more detail.

1. Start-Up Costs for Teaching English in Spain

Start-up costs are expenses you will incur from the time you enter Spain until you receive your first paycheck. These are very important and you must take them into consideration before travelling to Spain. These expenses include:

  • security deposit
  • first month’s rent
  • apartment supplies
  • transport
  • Groceries
  • Sim card
  • WIFI

Start-up costs should be enough to cover your first six weeks of living in Spain and will range somewhere between $1,700 and $2,850 USD for the first six weeks. This is because you won’t get your first months TEFL Salary until you have a worked a month in advance. Most teachers struggle with this, and expect companies across the world to give them money for the start-up, in reality most won’t do this.

They may offer you a start up loan if you are lucky. Always be prepared, have savings and rainy day money put aside in-case you need it. Remember the 6th month rule. Have 6 months of living costs aside in an extra savings account. Always. It is very helpful.

This is the minimum amount of savings you should have on hand before leaving home and arriving in Spain is approximately $3000 – this does not include pre arrival expenses such as flight money or visa or medical costs. This 3000 dollars will also cover your rent for the first month.


TEFL Expenses, TEFL Salary

You may also need a deposit for your apartment. Remember to factor all of these things in when you are planning your finance to teach in Spain.

If you have more than the $3000 stipulated that is fantastic. Please bear all this in mind before choosing a TEFL teaching program. It is a huge decision to make when leaving a your home county and travelling abroad to new countries. And actually there are a lot of free TEFL programs in other parts of the world. You just need to dig deeper and find them.

2. Cost of Living for Teaching English in Spain

Cost of living refers to everyday monthly expenses you will incur during your time in Spain. The most popular expenses that fall under this category include:

  • Monthly rent expenses
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water bills, etc)
  • Food and grocery expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Internet bill
  • Cell phone bill
  • Transportation (transit card, ride-sharing services, etc)
  • Travel/entertainment expenses

Your cost of living expenses can vary drastically based on where in Spain you are based. For example, those living in larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona can expect to have a higher cost of living compared to those located in smaller cities or towns.

It’s just like the UK – if you live in London or Manchester – the cost of living would be greater.

Spain is very much a break-even country, meaning you can cover your rent and bills, support yourself, live comfortably, and enjoy your life abroad to the fullest, but you shouldn’t expect to save money at the end of each month.

Cost of living, TEFL Spain, Spain Jobs

If you are hustling and taking on private tutoring lessons and/or teaching English online in addition to your regular teaching schedule, you may increase your ability to save and come out on top at the end of each month.

In conclusion

If you want to explore amazing towns and cities in Spain then anyone of the programs above are good for you. Teaching English as a Language Assistant is a great route into the country. Whether that’s through a volunteer program or paid position – it doesn’t matter. You will still explore a lot more of Spain than a regular teacher. In terms of volunteering, personally we wouldn’t volunteer if we can get paid to do it, especially with a large program fee. Remember it is really beneficial to take your 120 hour TEFL course – so go ahead and book one with TEFLZone. You will not regret it.



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