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You may ask yourself what is a TEFL Certification? A TEFL Certification is needed to take on an array of different teaching jobs. From online to offline teaching positions you will need it to be able to land that perfect job role. Since the pandemic online teaching has taken the world by surprise – especially the language world – where Teaching English As A Foreign Language is peaking. Students from across the globe need these online English language classes – primarily because they have exams and tests in English. Many employers require that your 120 hour online course is certified/verified.

TEFL Attestation

Certification means – the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement.

So just having the basic 120-Hour Online TEFL Course certificate is not enough. Especially when teaching to travel. It needs to be attested, verified and notarised – legalised. Many providers won’t inform you about this. And it can add significant costs to your TEFL course. Here at TEFL Zone we are very open about it. We even have a section on our main page called TEFL Legalisation. So how do you get your TEFL Certification?

How To Get Your TEFL Certification.

  1. You must complete your 120 Hour Online Course – after you have completed your 120 Hour Online Course you will receive a TEFL Certificate from your provider. They should issue you with the course certificate within 48 hours of course completion.
  2. Notarisation. This is the first step of getting your TEFL certification. Your certificate will be sent to a solicitor to verify the TEFL Certificate. They will usually sign and stamp your certificate. We use Hague Apostille in the UK. We have found that they are very quick and professional at getting our past students TEFL Certification’s. You must be aware there are a lot of scammer’s out there and this needs to be done legitimately. You should do thorough research on any company that you find on the internet.
  3. Legalisation. If you are planning to work in China (as an example) you will need your TEFL certificate to be legalised by the said embassy. This process is called attestation. You can only get your document – whether that be TEFL, a marriage certificate, a translated certificate – attested after you get the notarisation. These steps are crucial for visa reasons. If you don’t get these done, then the chances are your visa will be delayed.
TEFL Attestation

Once you have completed everything above you will be ready to apply for a job or working visa to Teach in China or Vietnam or indeed anywhere you like. Many countries now require this as well as a certified degree. So please remember these steps when applying for a cheap groupon course. The fees always add up – as hidden expenses – here at TEFL Zone we are proud to inform our students before hand about these processes. Good luck in your TEFL Careers. We hope you book onto our course soon.

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