Groupon TEFL Course Good?

Should I purchase a 120 hour Groupon TEFL Course?

The answer is you can make your own judgement.

Many 120 Hour TEFL Companies on Groupon do not have the required accreditation. You need to take this into account because without the official accreditation your course will be useless. This is because nowadays when you apply to Teach English Abroad Such as Thailand or Vietnam – all certificates must be accredited and verified. Here at TEFL Zone LTD we have the accreditation and are able to send our students to our partner schools in China and other SE Asian countries. Before you book a 120 Hour Groupon deal – please check the accreditation mark.

Groupon TEFL Course

5 Reasons Not To Buy A 120 Hour Groupon TEFL Course.

  • Accreditation mark. Without accreditation your TEFL Certificate is worthless. Accreditation mark to look out for  ACCREDITAT – a British based awarding body that can provide you with additional certification for your certificate.
  • Many courses don’t tell you about hidden fees. Such as the cost of the TEFL Certificate. They may charge you a lot of money for this. Don’t waste your valuable pounds. Here at TEFL Zone LTD we provide a soft copy, which then can be notarised. Take a look at the sample 120 Hour TEFL Certificate below.
  • Some courses don’t tell you about the hours it takes to do their course. Remember it’s a minimum requirement of 120 Hours that all teachers need. They might try to sell you a 30 Hour TEFL Course and then later you must purchase the extra 80 hour TEFL course on their company’s website. Be careful of the cheap TEFL Courses. Here at TEFL Zone LTD our course is accredited at 120 Hours. This meets the standards set by many of the online/offline employers.
  • Don’t know where to start. Finished with your 120 Hour Course and don’t know what to do next? 120 Hour Groupon courses do not help you find jobs. They set up their website to make you believe they can find you the best English teaching job in the world. But in reality it’s complete opposite. They don’t want to help you. They just want to make some quick money. We are able to help you with your ESL Job search and find you the best ESL positions in Asia and online. We can help you to find a position that suits your wants and needs as a ESL tutor. Get in touch today.
  • Finally, they are not worth the paper they are written on. Most are turnkey courses and don’t offer the full TEFL tutor support that you require. Here at TEFL Zone we are on hand 24/7. So if you need help with your course you can just email us. You can even schedule a meeting about your lesson plans if you need to.

In Conclusion – Groupon TEFL Courses

If you are looking for basic certification just to get going, then Groupon Courses will suffice. If you want to take a 120 Hour TEFL course that offers tutor support and job services, and you really want to learn something about the TEFL/ESL world, then do book onto our 120 Hour Accredited TEFL Course.

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