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The online version of our TEFL course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to take your first steps in the TEFL industry. The course is designed for anybody seeking casual work teaching English, such as volunteering, backpacking or finding work “in-country”, and some online teaching roles. The course is regulated by Accreditat.

After successful completion of the course, you’ll be presented with an internationally recognised TEFL Certificate (120 hrs).

The course consists of nine mandatory units. All nine units are exam-assessed, and for two of the units there are also coursework-assessed assignments. You get 6 months of access to the course, but some students complete their qualification within 3 – 5 weeks (when studied full time).

The online Level 3 version of our course is designed to cover every aspect of teaching English from planning your first lesson to applying for your first teaching job abroad or online. Our units are designed to give you the maximum intake of information in the shortest time frame, allowing us to offer the most in-depth online  TEFL course available globally.

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