EFL Teaching Career

EFL Teaching – What is it?

EFL stands for English Foreign Language, therefore EFL Teaching – means to teach English as a foreign language to non-native students. This can be done all over the world from China to Argentina. There is a plethora of EFL teaching positions available – world wide. Even during the pandemic – if anything EFL Teaching has moved with the times and has gone online.

EFL Teaching

EFL Teaching Dream

To start your EFL Teaching career you must consider a few questions. Such as – Do I want to teach English abroad? Do I want to teach English online? Why do I want to start an EFL/TEFL life? 

Many teachers started out TEFL teaching because they wanted to travel around the world and visit new countries and experience new cultures. Gaining their 120 Hour TEFL Certificate is crucial to do this. For many teaching jobs this is a basic requirement, as well as having at least a Bachelors Level Degree. A TEFL Certificate is a great thing to have and opens up many doors for you teaching nomads out there. To teach overseas is something that is on a lot of peoples bucket list. Not only can you teach in foreign countries – you will also meet many adorable children from Kindergarten to Middle Schools.

EFL Teaching is also a great way to earn extra income. By gaining a 120 Hour TEFL Certificate – again you will open up doors. But this time to an online world. Since the Corona-virus Pandemic online teaching has boomed. And this has opened a new career path for online EFL Teachers. You can stay at home and work online, freeing up time to be with your loved ones whilst also making money. This is a good option for some of you. And once again you will need a TEFL certificate as most online companies require this. And you can grab your online TEFL Certification here with us – TEFL Zone LTD.

Is EFL Teaching the same as TEFL Teaching? Yes it’s just a shorter term for Teach English As A Foreign Language. A TEFL Certificate is the same standard as a TESOL Certificate. An employer will generally ask for one or the other. You don’t need both to teach English abroad or online.

EFL teaching

EFL teaching is a great skill to add to your resume. After a year or two teaching abroad – you will be able to demonstrate to your new employer that you are very adventurous and outgoing person, that takes every opportunity that life throws at you.

So what do you do right now to begin your EFL Teaching Career? You can join a lot of 120 Hour TEFL Courses that can be done online through LMS systems. Obviously we recommend that you take our accredited course, that’s also recognised by the Chinese Embassy in London. Whatever you choose we hope that you embark on a fantastic ESL Teaching journey. Good Luck!

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