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TEFL Certification - 120 Hour Online TEFL Course Guide 2022

So you have Googled TEFL Certification, Best 120 Hour TEFL, TEFL Online Course, Best TEFL Course Online, Cheap Groupon TEFL. And there are thousands of courses out there related to the TEFL Course in 2022. Your mind is in overload and you just don’t know what to do. Well we have broken it down for you. We have chosen some great information for you to look at, and we have combined it into this article for you to browse. Soon you will be jetting off to a country of your choice and Teaching English as a Foreign Language with your brand new TEFL Certificate. Make 2022 a year to be proud of.

What is TEFL? In a Nut-Shell!

TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English As A Foreign Language. You can do an online TEFL Course and take up a teaching position – online or face to face. You can do a 120 Hour TEFL Certification and be on your way. TEFL Certificates are accepted globally and usually come with TEFL accreditation marks. More about that later.

Our article below will tell you everything you need to know about TEFL Courses and TEFL Certification. With real ESL/TEFL teachers input and input from ESL/TEFL teachers world-wide. We are in a position to help you. Furthermore if you do choose to take TEFL Zone’s 120 Hour TEFL Course, then we can guide you into work with a guaranteed job placement overseas.

TEFL Certification

Why should you get 120 Hour Online TEFL Certification?

With demand comes growth and the international TEFL job market during the 2000s has grow ex-potentially. This means that there are thousands of jobs from South East Asia, South America to Eastern Europe and even the UK. Getting a 120 TEFL Certification is essential to securing a job. Even in 2022 the Education job market for TEFL is stable and growing.

By the end of 2022 there should be around 2.3 billion English learners. These learners need TEFL teachers to help them – from basic conversations to IELTS English exams. The market is ripe and the students need you.

Teach English Abroad provides hundreds of thousands of English teaching jobs to people from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. If I were you I would really consider getting your TEFL Certificate today.

We have taken on major topics below including; TEFL Certification, Online TEFL Courses, TEFL Job Placements and

You maybe wondering ‘What is TEFL Certification?’ - TEFL Basics


To start let’s break it down. TEFL stands for Teach English As A Foreign Language. Most people that wish to Teach English Abroad will do a standard TEFL Course. The TEFL courses available, on the internet and across the world vary. These means that your course can vary from a 4 week intensive training course to a 120 Hour Online TEFL. The most important thing to remember is that whichever course route you take – you will always end up with a TEFL Certification. The TEFL Certification is needed for applying to jobs in Asia such as China. As an example the certificate is needed to apply for a Z-Visa to Teach English in China.

Will An 120 Online TEFL Course Provide You With TEFL Certification?

Most online TEFL courses are taught remotely and some are automated. Some are tutor led and some aren’t. But almost all of the best online TEFL Courses provide you with a good working course that can provide you with information on how to teach English to non-native learners, and young learners. And at the end of your TEFL course – you will get a certificate. Your certification will most likely come as a PDF, if you are using the online course provider, but that is okay. Here at TEFL Zone we issue the PDF which is then certified as a legal copy – which can easily be done when gathering your paperwork to teach English abroad. There is also a code on your certificate that links the certificate to you. An employer can go to TEFLzone.com and verify your TEFL Certification.

So what is TEFL Certification UK?

It’s just a certificate, whether that be PDF or hard copy. It does not matter. Both can do the same thing in terms of getting you a teaching English position online of face-to-face. Getting a TEFL certificate is just the starting point in your TEFL Journey. An online course will prepare you but cannot not emulate the physical classroom. Some face to face courses in the UK may offer teaching practice, but this still does not simulate the real working environment. In TEFL a lot of the teaching methods are learned ‘on the job’! But don’t let this put you off getting a 120 Hour online TEFL Certificate.

And do online TEFL Courses really take 120 Hours?


An online TEFL Course won’t usually take as long as 120 hours. But it all depends on the learner. If you can learn quickly you won’t take as long. If you are busy with family life or work, it may take longer but usually courses have 6 months access so you have all the time in the world to complete a 120 hour TEFL Course. Some courses might give you lesson planning homework – this may take a while to complete but it doesn’t matter as you are learning something new. However long it takes – you will get your TEFL Certification.

TEFL Certification 120 Hours

Why do you need TEFL Certification to teach in China?

China is one of the largest employers of ESL teachers in the industry. This means each year they get thousands and thousands of teachers apply to go and work there. As a prerequisite for a visa teachers must have a TEFL Certificate. Taking a online course is pretty much training for the teaching job, and at the same time you can get the certificate, along with your degree, and apply for a visa. Even during Covid-19 ESL teachers were going to China. They need to obtain a PU letter from the employer in the mainland China. With the PU letter, degree, and TEFL Certificate they were able to make it to China.

 In China if you don’t have two years work experience from graduation, then you need  a teaching English as a foreign language certificate. This shows to the government that you have undertook a basic teaching qualification. This is a way to ensure that teachers arrive and are somewhat educated on what they need to do in the ESL classroom.

If you have a degree, then just do your 120 Hour TEFL Course UK, and the world’s your oyster. Here is 7 reasons on why you should be TEFL qualified:

  1. You need to have a TEFL Certificate and Bachelor’s degree to teach abroad. The degree can be in any subject. Most employers want to see candidates educated to at least university level.
  2. With a degree you will land yourself a job much quicker than without. For example in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and China – you need the TEFL Certificate and Bachelor’s degree to be considered for a teaching position.
  3. A basic 120 Hour Online TEFL can give you basic skills for the classroomsuch as lesson planning and classroom management hence it is more beneficial for employers.

           4. Even if you are a qualified teacher from the UK or America – and you hold something like a PGCE – that is excellent – but employers again want to see the TEFL Certificate– because teaching at home is a lot different to teaching abroad.

          5. You will also be considered for more teaching positions if you hold a TEFL. Without one there are a lot less teaching positions to choose from. Take a TEFL and be the best teacher that you can be.

          6. With a TEFL you will get a good salary – such as China you would be able to earn 20000 – 35000RMB per month. China really loves it when a potential teacher hold a teaching TEFL certificate.

          7. Finally you will learn strategies to help with your ELL students (ELL = English Language Learners).

Do I need a TEFL to teach abroad?

One serious questions for you – are you committed to teaching English abroad? Think about it carefully, yes is the answer – or you wouldn’t be reading this article! So you need to get a TEFL certificate – think of it as an investment for life. And the ROI could be massive if you teach English in China or other similar Asian countries.

Several years back (pre 2016) you could easily get a job in Vietnam or China without a TEFL Course Certificate. You could even teach on tourist visas. But this is 2022 – rules have changed, countries have developed, and schools require teachers to have at least taken the basic TEFL training. Just for visa requirements in China – you need a TEFL Certificate and it needs to be notarized and authenticated. These are signs that the government takes English language classes seriously. And year on year the demand grows for ESL teachers – all across the world. Our TEFL certificate is recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth office in the UK which means it can be authenticated at the Chinese Embassy. You need to make sure that your 120 hour online TEFL course can get this done.


Some candidates assume, because they come from an English speaking native country, they don’t need a TEFL. Just because your mother-tongue is English, it doesn’t mean you can teach spoken English or are even qualified to teach it. All the typical kinds of schools – from language to international require it. So go for it, book yourself onto our TEFL today. Even by browsing jobs on Daves ESL Cafe – or Ajarn.com for Thailand – well all the positions that are posted by recruiters and agents require teachers to have  a degree and 120 hour TEFL certificate as a basic requirement. A TEFL Certificate is an investment for the future. So make sure you choose the best TEFL course.

A TEFL course is the key to teach, travel, and play around the world. From South America to South East Asia this will be one of the best investments that you have in your life. You will be able to officially obtain a legal working visa wherever you go to teach.

Can a non-native English Speaker obtain a TEFL Certificate?

Of course you can. You would need to do a English language proficiency test as well as completing a TEFL course. There are many jobs online and offline for non-native speakers. You just need to search for them on Google and TEFL job boards. Don’t ever give up and keep searching for that perfect job.

Some teaching programs that need TEFL Certification include:

More about English Teaching Certifications

Please Can You Tell Me About TESL…

A TESL certification is needed when a teacher wants to Teach English As A Second Language to students that live in their home country. So if you are from Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand and want to pursue a teaching English career. Then you should consider taking a TESL Course because it’s recognised when teaching in your home country

 TEFL Certification Vs TESL Certification

 As mentioned above TESL is needed when teaching at home in training centers or schools. And TEFL Certification is needed when teaching overseas. TEFL certificates are widely accepted when teaching in countries such as China, Thailand and Vietnam.


 TESL Certification Key-point: If your career goal is to teach English in your home country, look no further than taking a TESL certification course.


A TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification is what you need if you’re looking to teaching domestically and overseas. If you are unsure of what you want to do, then you can go ahead and do a TESOL course. You will be geared up and ready for any teaching opportunities in the future.

A TESOL is very different to a TEFL it has a lot more studying and can be studied as a graduate degree program. There a are a lot of different programs available online and face to face. The big negative is that they cost a lot more money to obtain! If you are planning to teach English abroad just for 1 year then a 120 Hour Online TEFL Course is right for you.

 TEFL Certification Course Against CELTA

 CELTA stands for ‘Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language’ (pretty much the same as Teach English As A Foreign Language). CELTA is affiliated with Cambridge University – so this is why it is popular. Other than the Cambridge branding – it offers the same as a TEFL/TESOL course. Think Nike without the tick – the shoes still function. There is the same value in a CELTA than there is in a TEFL/TESOL course.

120 TEFL Hour Course - Let's get back to it...

So you maybe asking yourself what will I learn on a TEFL course? Quite simply – a lot! You will learn the key skills needed for the TEFL classroom – which include lesson planning and classroom management in a language learning environment.

Here are the 5 things that you will study on the 120 Hour TEFL course:

  1. How to teach language – which includes the core learning components – reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation.
  2. How to adapt language lessons to meet different language levels of students.
  3. How to manage a classroom of any size and create a positive and inclusive classroom.
  4. How to meet the learning objectives of your school or grade.
  5. How to find suitable language class materials and how to change them to suit your needs as a teacher and for your students.

Where can I work with a TEFL Certification?


The good news is that you can teach anywhere where English language isn’t the native (or first language). And there are so many countries, globally, that you can teach in. It isn’t uncommon for teachers to find themelves in different countries on a year to year basis. Many take a course so they can work and travel. The most common positions are in Asia – China, Thailand, Vietnam – Europe – Italy, Spain, France. Middle East – Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. And finally in south America.


What type of TEFL jobs are there for someone with TEFL Certification?

When searching for a job – you will see a lot of listings for all kinds of teaching positions. Here is a list of them –

  1. Public school jobs – primary and middle schools. These positions are considered the safest as the visa is attached to the government.
  2. Training school jobs – or hag-wagons as they call them in Korea. If applying in China don’t apply for training schools as due to the educational reforms many are closing.
  3. Business language classes – working for big corporations.
  4. Private tutoring
  5. International Schools – many of these positions require you to have a teaching degree from your home country – but since covid-19 they have relaxed those rules. Usually a TEFL Certification course is enough.

As you can see there are many positions available to someone that holds a 120 hour TEFL Certification. The ESL industry is booming all over the world. But the position depends on you and what kind of position you would like to teach.

There are many factors involved when choosing a position – such as salary, finances and age groups. Many teachers have there own preference when teaching – some might like taking care of kindergarten students whilst others might think teaching adults is their thing. It’s completely down to you.

120 Hour TEFL Course Job Placements

Many TEFL companies will offer a English teaching job placement as part of their course. Although many can’t actually guarantee this – so it’s always better to look for your own teaching position. Do not take this into consideration when choosing an online course. For teachers with a degree and TEFL certificate there are not shortages of English positions available. People will be begging you to teach them.

Furthermore if you do take a position with an online course provider – there is a high chance your salary is lower because they are taking a cut! Look for a course that emphasizes the teaching elements and not the job placement.

At TEFL Zone we offer job placement guidance. That means we will help you find a teaching position whether that be online or abroad in a country like China or Thailand. Some things to remember – all legitimate teaching positions will ask your for an interview – sometimes two – this shows the professionalism of the schools and to an an extent shows that it is a reputable institution. If someone offers you a job with no interview – don’t take it – they are just baiting you.


Iononthan (pictured right) took TEFLZone’s 120 Hour Online TEFL Course and landed in Shenzhen China in 2021 to take a position teaching English at primary school.

TEFL, online TEFL, teaching, english

Some companies will offer you paid internships in Thailand or Vietnam and other companies will offer the same internship as a volunteer position and it will be unpaid. So be careful. If a country pays for TEFL teachers then their is very little needed to volunteer as an English teacher in that said country. And trust us – you will be annoyed when you find out – especially if you have already taken the volunteer position. Take the paid teaching English opportunity when you can.

Where Can You Find TEFL Job Placements

There are a plethora of TEFL Job websites online and it is difficult sifting through them to find something legitimate. There are two kinds of websites out there 1) Job listing website 2) Recruitment agent – a company that specializes in working with schools abroad. Here are 5 that TEFL Zone has either worked together with – or are reputable.

1. DavesESLCafe– this website has been live for decades – it was started in the 90’s by a Canadian ESL Teacher. All companies will list jobs on this website – it is not an agency. There are a lot of useful ESL articles for you to browse.


 2. Teaching Nomad – recruitment agent that specialises in recruiting for reputable schools in south East Asia – with an emphasis on China.

TEFL Jobs, Teaching Nomad

3. GoldStar Teachers– another great recruitment agent that is specifically focused on rectruiting teachers to work in China at public schools. Been around for ten years and ran by Jim a former ESL Teacher.

120 Hour TEFL Jobs

4. Seadragon Education a recruitment company based in Shenzhen China. They also have an office up in Beijing. They specialise in providing teaches to public schools and have over 100 teachers working for them at any one time.

5. Teachola formerly Teachers For Asia. This company specialises in recruiting teachers for the private school sector in China. They usually have international school positions available.

TEFL Certification Position

Key point – if applying to teach English in China in 2022. Whichever institute that gives you a job interview. You need to make sure that they can provide you with a PU letter. Just ask them about it in your job interview. If they cannot – then politely turn down the job placement.

Let’s get down to it: Who is likely to do a TEFL?

A lot of people, from recent grads and married couples to retired professionals and people looking to change their career, decide to take a TEFL Course to teach and travel and experience life and culture.

If you have just completed your bachelors degree and are unsure what to do, then why not jump into ESL teaching? Getting TEFL Certified enables you to teach English abroad and fund your travels, it’s a great way to save money and do other things when you return back to your home country.

If you are retired then it is a great way to experience something that you didn’t experience when you were younger. If you just gained your newly qualified teacher status why not teach in Asia for a year and get some experience under your belt? If you are someone that just wants to change your career and get away from your everyday office job, well TEFL is for you.

120 TEFL Online, TEFL Course, Groupon TEFL

TEFL is for EVERYONE. Don’t let age and barriers get in the way of a life long dream. Get TEFL Qualified today.

How do I get a TEFL Certification to teach English abroad in 2022

So the world has changed because of Covid – 19. More people have adapted to distant learning courses. Luckily for you online courses have been around for more than 10 years. But choosing the best tefl course can be difficult.

With a lot of scammers out there – how do you find the best TEFL certificate? Just to let you know – at TEFL Zone you are safe when doing our course as it comes with full accreditation. So you are able to get it notarized quite easily. When booking an online TEFL course – make sure the course is accredited.

So there are several ways to get a TEFL. As mentioned you can a course online, in person or abroad in a foreign country.

How much can I earn with a TEFL in 2022

The good news for you – because of covid-19 the market is hot right now. With many people not wanting to travel – the ones that are willing to travel are like gold. And even if you don’t want to travel you can teach English from your sofa. Imagine earning money from home! Everyone wants to.

For those that want to travel in 2022. The world is starting to open up again! So depending on what country you want to go to. You can make some big money – couple that with low costs of living – it makes for a great career.

  1. Europe– teaching in places such as Italy/Spain you can earn up-to $2000 per month.
  2. Asia – in China you can earn one of the highest salaries. Between $3000 to $4000 per month.
  3. South America – You can earn anything between $1000 to $1500 per month. But with a low cost of living, it is still a great place to teach and travel.


Teach English Online with your TEFL Certificate

2021 and 2022 has been difficult for the online English learning community. China has brought in new educational reforms which means you can’t teach English, from home, to a mainland Chinese student. You must be in the country to do that. The Chinese students accounted for over 70 per cent of online language classes. So you can see the effects, of the Chinese Educational reforms will, will effect online teachers.

Fear not, there are many other countries in the world that still need online teachers to Teach English to ELL learners. So there are many opportunities to teach from your sofa in 2021. These positions suit graduates and stay at home mothers – or just someone looking to take on some part time work. Take your TEFL course today and get paid to be an online English teacher.

How long does it take to do a TEFL course and be TEFL Qualified?

If you are eager to learn and want to teach English abroad quickly then a TEFL Course should take no time at all. It just depends on you and the study mode.

The benefits of an online course is that it is self-paced – so if you are in a hurry – then you can complete it very quickly and gain your teaching abroad qualification. This means recruiters can process your application in good time. And you’ll be at LAX or London Heathrow Airport before you know it – starting your TEFL dream. Our online TEFL course is 120 hours and very popular – many students take TEFL Zone’s course so that they can teach English in China in 2022. The course has accreditation and can be authenticated at any Chinese embassy.

Our online TEFL course can take a few weeks to a few months to complete – depending on the students and their daily commitments such as Uni Class or work. TEFL Zone’s 120 hour course is automated and you can learn via your computer, tablet or phone.  On average a TEFL Zone student will complete their course within 4 weeks. Most of them will have found their teaching position already and just need to complete the standard 120 hour online TEFL course (based out of the UK). There is a minimum standard when it comes to taking a TEFL course – which is 120 hours learning – this is what 99 per cent of employers are looking for when recruiting a candidate to teach English abroad.

120 Hour TEFL UK

How Long Is Your Accredited TEFL Certification/Certificate Valid For?

Your TEFL certificate is valid for a life-time. Once you have done it, it is yours. Bearing in mind in countries like China, after you have completed two years of teaching experience teaching English as a foreign language, well you don’t actually need it for new jobs – if you are planning to travel to different countries on a yearly basis, then you need it.

But if you are planning to teach in China for a long time, then it’s not needed. Just keep the TEFL certificate in a safe place.

Finally if you think about the salaries on offer and you consider that you may teach English as a foreign language for many years – then you will get a very good ROI on a 120 Hour TEFL Course – and most of them come in at under $200! Or about 140 GBP if you are in the United Kingdom.

Is a TEFL course hard or difficult for a newbie?

This is a common question among-st newbie TEFLER’s! If you choose a reliable TEFL course company then it shouldn’t be difficult. As they understand what the students need. A good reputable course will cover everything needed to teach English as a foreign language.

Most 120 hour online courses are structured in modules and topics – as mentioned earlier they are self paced – here at TEFL Zone we require course students to undertake homework and upload it onto the system.

There are also mini quizzes at the end of each module for students to take. This is to show that you are learning something from the TEFL course. Below is a picture of some of our modules

Does the price of a TEFL Course reflect the value?

There are courses that cost a lot, and I mean thousands of dollars, and some course cost less than two hundred dollars. Ultimately they do the same thing. The teaching certificate will help you find a teaching position. For your own sake – don’t choose a groupon course. At the same time please remember that even the most expensive  TEFL courses – may turn out to be fakes.

In person TEFL classes are not seen as more reputable courses by recruiters, recruiters are just looking for the basic 120 hour TEFL course – that meets the industry standards of employers world-wide. In the case of Chinese employers, as far as we know, they accept a basic 120 hour course. Our candidates are living proof of this. They took our course and now live and work in Shenzhen city in China – at public schools. As mentioned it is just the certificate that is required. Most training is done on the job as you teach more and more and accumulate classroom hours.


The industry is full of scammers that actually don’t meet the standard requirement of TEFL. And these scammer TEFL courses are not the best TEFL courses, and can take your valuable money. From city break courses to courses that offer 4 weeks in Thailand; please remember to always look out for TEFL course accreditation marks. TEFL Zone uses Accreditat which also accredits a number of 120 TEFL courses.

The True Cost of the Best TEFL Certification in 2022 - 2023

Whilst researching the best TEFL course, you will come across an assortment of TEFL courses in the UK. From 40 hour TEFL courses to 180 – 200 – 300 hour TEFLs there is a lot. But remember the minimum standard is 120 hours. And a 120 hour can be used to obtain a visa in Thailand (as an example). If you are low on a low income then you can take a $150 course – no problem. As they still meet the TEFL industry standard. As mentioned TEFL Zone courses are proven and can get the right authentication.

$150 to $500 – you can pick up a decent Accredited TEFL course for the price listed here. Some companies might charge $1000 plus for a 120 hour online course, but you don’t need to waste your money on one of those. Considering that for $150 you can get the same course. Key-point: Don’t waste your money.

TEFL Courses in Thailand (or abroad in other destinations) can cost between $2000 to $4000! This is a lot of money for a recent graduate or someone on a budget. The benefits of a course like this is that they are 4 weeks and intensive, and they often come with face to face teaching classes as part of the course. Usually these prices include accommodation, but still a very expensive course.

How Can You Make Use Of Your Accredited TEFL Certification in 2022

Many people get TEFL certified from the UK so that they can teach, and as mentioned throughout this article, there are many ways in which you can used your TEFL Certification.

The most common way to use the TEFL is to teach and travel around the world. It can take you anywhere and everywhere, think of it as another kind of passport. One year your in Bangkok, the next you are teaching in Shanghai. The destinations are endless.

Getting your TEFL qualifies you to teach across the world. It is also a great addition to a resume / cv. There will be many ESL teachers applying for jobs without a TEFL Certificate, so having a TEFL really helps you to stick out in front of your competition and qualify for the best teaching roles. There are many transferable skills gained in ESL Teaching.

Your TEFL Certificate will also help you to meet visa requirements – so you can use it to meet requirements to get a z visa for China – as an example.

TEFL Certificate

There is a lot of competition for teaching positions – especially for countries that hold programs – like Japan and the Jet program. There are only limited teaching roles for this program. So holding the TEFL Certification will put you miles ahead of your competition. We can not stress how important it is to have a TEFL certificate of at least 120 hours.

Just by doing a online TEFL course; you will be in a unique position for your ESL job interviews. Take some of the knowledge that you learned on the course (classroom management and lesson planning) and integrate that knowledge into your answers. They may even test you on your grammar – most good courses will have modules on grammar. Swot up!

With an internationally recognised TEFL certificate (such as TEFL Zone’s). You are ready to take on the world and apply for the thousands of jobs that are on offer. Having a TEFL certification is so worth it and powerful.

Using Your TEFL Certification To Teach Online Classes to ELL Students.

As mentioned previously in this article the Chinese market has been in decline since 2021 with the new educational reforms – not allowing parents to pay for online classes outside of China. But there is still plenty of opportunity in 2022 to teach English from the comfort of your home. With the accredited TEFL certificate you don’t even need to leave the country to start teaching. All you need is good WiFi and a laptop computer – with a decent microphone and web cam.

With numerous Online English Language companies around the world – Magic Ears and Vip Kids just to name a couple – you are able to find students. And let’s face it, even without the Chinese markets, there are thousands and thousands of students looking for a teacher like yourself.

To find a good company to work for – just google it! There are a lot that need teachers, so do some research and see what you can find. For those that hold a PGCE this definitely are good way to top up your salary. It’s worth noting that even if you hold a teachers degree most companies and schools still require an accredited TEFL because it gives you good knowledge to teach young English Language Learners.

Using your TEFL in The UK

If you are from the UK and you got tired of teaching and travelling around the world, you can use the TEFL certificate on your home turf.

– There are a tonne of migrants that need English classes so they can go on and find work in the UK. That means there are a lot of positions. Especially in the big cities such as London, and Manchester. Just get on google and you will find a plethora of jobs available.

– Many international students from Asia attend UK universities to study English and other subjects. All are required to take an English proficiency test including IELTS. Many will take the test in special summer camps in England. You could do private tuition in this field or find a training centre to work for.

Specialist summer camps organised by big names in the industry such as English First. Many students from around the globe will attend a 1, 2, 3, 4 week summer program. TEFL teachers are needed to teach them. These positions are often held at boarding schools and in turn give you free accommodation as part of your benefits package.

Rent an office and start your own language school. As the world goes back to normal in 2022. Students going to England to study will increase. Therefore more language schools are needed. Why not give it a go! Be your own boss with your own business.

 Most of the positions above require an officially accredited TEFL Course. So book today with TEFL Zone and join one of the best online TEFL Courses in the UK.

Enrolling on a TEFL Course Requirements

If you are still reading, you a probably asking yourself What do I need to get a TEFL Certificate? To enroll on a TEFL course you don’t need anything, there are no prerequisites to enroll and start doing a course.

From TEFL Zone’s research, all you need is a good grasp of English to take a course. Once you have completed a course, that is when you will find that you need something when applying for a teaching job, such as a Bachelors Degree. Many recruiters require a candidate to have a degree/diploma, if you don’t have one, don’t get disheartened.

There are still many positions available for candidates without a degree. If you are currently enrolled at university then it is always good to hold a TEFL for after graduation. So that you can get on and teach abroad.

Some TEFL/TESOL courses do require that you need a diploma but most don’t require a thing. But it’s highly unlikely for a TEFL course, again just make sure the TEFL course you choose is accredited. Always check with the provider if you are unsure. Don’t waste your money.

Enroll Online TEFL

For both kinds of course modes – in person and online. You need to enrol and pay your course fee online and in advance. Most TEFL companies require this. There are many kinds of courses and you can book in advance and choose a start date if you have chosen an in-person TEFL. Remember online is self-paced and most courses give you just 6 months months to complete, trust us when we tell you 6 months is enough time to complete an online TEFL course.

How much will you need to pay for a TEFL Course? The Cost

TEFL Certification courses can vary in costs from $50 usd to $1000. There are many courses available from 49 hour top up courses, the 120 Hour Standard course, 180 hour advanced course, and the list goes on. TEFL fees vary for the type of course that you do. Be wary of cheap courses, they may not be legitimate. If a course is legitimate the price will generally be a little higher because the TEFL companies need to pay overheads such as digital tax, or part time employees. They also need to cover the fee of the accreditation mark, more on the accreditation mark later.

Some courses fees are higher because they provide you with quality training from TEFL teachers that have Masters Degrees in Linguistics.

Some course fees are higher because they are recognized at global institutions across the world from Japan to China. This means there brand is accepted, just like TEFL Zone certification – it can be used to gain your authentication from a Chinese embassy to teach in China.

Sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little higher for a TEFL course that costs a bit more. The TEFL will be with you, in your hands, for life. Most TEFL courses will not provide financial help. Because many of them don’t cost a lot. TEFL Zone has had first hand experience of students getting a great return on their money. Think of it as an investment in your future. And you will have the greatest experience of your life teaching and travelling all because of this small one time investment. So get your skates on a book a 120 Hour Hour online TEFL Course today. By the way, some cheap TEFL courses are good, you just need to checkout their TEFL Accreditation. In case you missed it, TEFL Zone received it’s accreditation mark from Accreditat. As mentioned earlier a good TEFL course will give you all of the required modules that are needed to Teach English As A Foreign Language. Check out the modules on the course that you choose.

Other courses like CELTA and Delta can cost up to $2000’s plus. And if you are taking a Masters in TESOL the cost will be even higher. Please be careful when choosing these courses. Ask yourself, do you really need to spend that much on a course if you will only be teaching English for one year? If the answer is no, then you are correct.

A basic 120 hour online course is needed for China. And let’s face it, most people will learn on the job – as they teach more and more. Focus on class time, whether that be online or face to face teaching, and do as many hours as you can.

Getting a Free 120 Hour Course certification has far more cons than pros. For example when you apply for a Z-visa to teach English in China – it can’t be notarized and authenticated by the foreign and commonwealth office in the UK. Therefore stopping you from getting a work permit to teach English abroad. Luckily for you TEFLZone’s 120 Hour Online course costs just $150 and is proven to work in obtaining work visas. And many other TEFL courses go on sale all the time – so you can still grab a course at a bargain price.

Is a 120 Hour TEFL Course worth the price?

A reputable TEFL course is definitely worth the cost. By reputable we mean that it has accreditation and can be authenticated. Take our $150 TEFL course and put it against a $1000 TEFL Course – well they both can get the authentication needed to Teach English Abroad. So a $150 TEFL course is definitely has value for money.

So what is TEFL Accreditation?

There are a-lot of TEFL courses available in 2022. But do you really think they can offer you the value for money? You need to make sure that you receive the correct training, qualification and value for money from the TEFL certificate course that you choose. There are many TEFL courses that claim they are accredited – when in fact they are not. They just want you to buy the course. To really score a great job teaching English abroad. Make sure you choose the right accredited TEFL course.

List Of TEFL Accreditation Bodies

  1. ACCREDITAT – Accrediting for TEFL and training courses – worldwide. Based out of the UK.
  2. WTEFLAC – The World TEFL Accrediting Commission
  3. ALTE – Association of Language Testers in Europe
  4. British Council
  5. OFQUAL – The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation)
  6. ODLQC – Open and Distance Learning Quality Council

You can confirm the accreditation status of any TEFL course provider claiming to be accredited TEFL courses directly through the above accrediting bodies.

There are several companies that offer accreditation to TEFL providers. Here at TEFLZone we used a company based out of the UK called Accreditat. One of the oldest accreditation companies in the world. All TEFL courses that are recognized by international companies and recruiters should meet 120 Hours. That means study plus coursework should equal to 120 Hours. Some TEFL providers tout that because they have teaching practicum on there course – it means their course is of a higher standing. When actually, factually, this is incorrect.

Not one employer will see this teaching practicum as teaching English experience. They just want you to hold the TEFL course certificate. Some employers look for TEFL courses that are provided by an educational institution but not all employers require this.

They just want to see the certificate for visa purposes – that’s if you are travelling to teach English in a foreign country. Contrary to some TEFL companies belief, a TEFL Course provided by an education institute is not the only pathway to TEFL and teaching. 

When choosing a TEFL course standard you can check one of these things to make sure the course is legitimate. 1. The accreditation company. 2. Is it attached to an educational institute. If it doesn’t line up with 1 or 2. Then we suggest you steer clear of the course you found. And don’t just book onto any TEFL course without doing your homework.

Fake TEFL Courses - Do not take them!

  1. Every legitimate TEFL Coursewill have all the information from the accreditation body on their website. Just look for the word accreditation in the menu. You will find what you are looking for. Namecheck the accreditation company against our list in this article. If it matches, then perfect you are onto a good TEFL course, not a fake TEFL course.
  2. Some cheeky TEFL providers will set up a website with a TEFL accreditation companyattached to them. If you do a bit of checking on websites such as companies house – you can see that the director of the TEFL course is the same director as the accreditation company. If this happens then don’t book onto that specific online course.
  3. Check they are a registered company. You can go toorgand check the company details there. If they are an official company then they will be at least registered on the official UK companies database. Furthermore check testimonials – in the testimonial look out for notarisation and authentication mark from previous students. TEFLZone has shared some of their students. You should check them out here.

Finding a TEFL Course To Suit Your Needs Is Crucial

Being a fresh graduate, a stay at home mother, or someone just looking to change their career path. You must take into consideration some aspects of a TEFL Course that makes it suit your needs.

  1. Location – if you are tied up with a Monday to Friday – nine to five job – but you want a face to face course. Then there are weekend courses that can suit your needs. TEFL.org offer a plethora of weekend TEFL courses all over the UK – which can last from 2 days to 4 weeks. The cons are that you must be there at a specified time and date. Whereas online TEFL courses offer flexibility – you don’t need to somewhere for a set time. Also you must find a course local to you – they tend to usually be in big cities such as Manchester or London. And you must fork out for hotel fees.
  2. Online course– there are a lot of pros that come with taking an online course. We don’t need to say much more about that. But here is a kindly reminder AFFORDABLE and FLEXIBLE. You can do the 120 hour online course anytime you want so long as you have wifi/data and you have a device. Most online courses give you enough time to complete them. Usually 6 months.
  3. TEFL Abroad– If you decide that you just want to get a way from it all and do a 4 week TEFL course abroad somewhere such as Thailand or Vietnam. Then go for it. Some people are able to afford this – but we must admit this is the less affordable option. You may need to splash upwards of $5000 on your TEFL, Flight, and accommodation. But some of these courses are really good – as they allow you go into public schools and get hands on experience teaching English. There are a lot of benefits as you can build your TEFL network from the start. You can start looking for a position whilst attending your 4 week course. You may get a job offer right away. But always look at reviews and make sure the TEFL/TESOL course that you choose isn’t a scam.
  4. Blended Course Some TEFL companies offer a blended course which means you can have face to face seminars mixed with online tuition. But nowadays 2022 – the online courses have developed so you can have the face to face tuition online – so this is why TEFL Zonefirmly believes the online route is the best route to Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Above we laid out some reasons on why to choose a specific course. All of them have their pros and cons. But at TEFL Zone we believe option two to be the smarter one. And please remember to check accreditation mark of the course that you choose. Also check out testimonial and evidence of notarization and attestation.

Finally – are you ready to follow your dreams and Teach English As A Foreign Language? Wanting to change career? Wanting to travel around south – east asia? Wanting to teach from home? If the answer is yes then please do let us help. We can provide the 120 Hour Online Course and job placement. We look forward to hearing you.

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