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Moderated and Accredited by Accreditat who are registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers - Number 10065351

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Learn Through Self Study and Tutor Support. Includes Video Picture and Content Based Learning.

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120 Hour Advanced Course Written By Leading English Language Experts.

With our sister company in America and TEFL Zone UK. We can offer you a full quality package. Not only do we take care of you from the moment you sign up for the course. We also offer ongoing support.

Which includes; 1. TEFL Course Reimbursement. 2. Teacher Placement Service 3. Year-on-Year Employment in Asia.

TEFL Zone UK has years of experience in the TEFL Industry. We have  a vast amount of contracts in public schools across Asia. We offer something many other TEFL courses don’t – which is the full package. Our consultants from the UK will help you with the following.

  1. TEFL Certification with Accreditation .
  2. Tutor support on our 120 Hour TEFL Course when needed.
  3. Provide you with the correct paperwork to apply for your teaching position in China.
  4. Provide you with a school that suits your teaching level and grade.
  5. Provide you with 2+ years support. We are able to support you whilst working in two countries in Asia. The first year we place our teachers in China and the second year they have a choice to move to Thailand or Korea.

Our course is accredited by a nationally recognised institution in the UK. This means that our course adheres to a set of quality and standards needed for Teaching English As A Foreign Language. You can read more here about our accreditation mark here.

Online Study Mode. You can complete your 120 hour Online TEFL Course from the comfort of your own homes. You will have 6 months to complete the course. The course itself is accessible from your mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. Our learning management system makes is easy to navigate which makes your study a breeze. You can study on the bus going to work, in bed before you sleep, or at the airport whilst preparing to fly to your next destination.

Thousands of people yearly take the decision to Teach English As A Foreign Language. Whether that be recent graduate that has some wonderlust about them, or a professional looking to take a sabbatical, or someone in their 40s trying to develop a new skill.

TEFL is for everyone that has passion about learning and teaching. Ask yourself – are you able to handle a group of 50 Asian children ready and eager to learn from you? Are you able to handle being placed in a country such as Thailand or China? If not, don’t worry we will help you with whole process from start to finish.

Finally the students need you. As the world of English gets bigger, so does the demand for teachers. A lof of public schools in China require English Teachers as part of the national curriculum. And there are thousands of schools – so you can imagine the amount of positions available.


When planning to Teach English in China – you will need to arrange many documents such as your medical certificate, Bachelors Degree, Criminal Background Check and finally your TEFL Certificate. There is a 3 step process to get your TEFL Course Certificate Notarised and then legalised by the Chinese Embassy in the UK. We aim to be very transparent with this.

We have partnered with Apostille of The Hague to bring you a one stop service to get your TEFL certificate notarised and legalised.

1. Notarised 2. Legalised. 3. Attested by the Chinese Embassy in the UK.

TEFL Zone Students are entitled to a huge discount to get this done. Please follow the following link. Only TEFL Zone students are entitled to this discount. TEFL ZONE – Legalisation (  

Where Can You Teach With A TEFL?

Our Most Popular Courses

Our most popular course is the 120 Hour Online TEFL Course. This is a minimum standard course that is required to Teach English As A Foreign Language across the world. Fully Accredited by ACCREDITAT.
Feel free to contact us at info@teflzone.comtext us on + 447418353008


120 Hour Online TEFL Course with Accreditation

Take Our 120 Hour Course with Tutor Support and Job Placement in China. You will be offered a full time job earning over £17000 after course completion. You will also get a full refund if you take up a teaching position in one of our schools. Please kindly note the course fee is shown as USD180. As of 07/12/2020 this is GBP135.34

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Introduction To Living and Teaching in Shenzhen

This short course was created in association with Seadragon Education and TEFL Zone. It's for anyone who is wishing to Teach English in China. It is free for all students. All you need to do is register.

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